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Many fathers would not consider having their daughters tag along behind them at their worksites. But Jack Faulkner, a contractor and proud father of Maggie Faye Faulkner encouraged his daughter to join him and to mentor her in preparation for a bright future. “Through the many hours of measuring, painting, cleaning, and laying hardwood floors at these homes, I was able to see the value of a dollar and the importance of working hard. His clients hired him for a job, and he was committed to providing them a quality home,” says  Maggie, a busy Senior at Campbell County High School. She noted that although her apprenticeship was physically demanding at times, these projects were an inspiration for her to push herself mentally and physically to reach the desired outcomes. She has  parlayed those hard won skills to achieve academic and  extracurricular success in high school and making the choice to continue her education as a pathway to a meaningful life for herself and others. And her resume’ reflects her desire to achieve and excel, with classes that include English 1 Honors, English II Honors, Biology 1 Honors, AP Biology, Algebra B Honors, Algebra 1 Honors, and Geometry Honors. Her extracurricular agenda is also sterling: CCHS Cheerleader, Student Council,  Key Club, BETA Club, FBLA, employment at CC Courthouse, and G-Rides Sports at Norris Lake, Dual Enrollment at Roane State. Maggie’s future plans include the  study of Business and Biology at Roane State University and continuing study in of the same field at the University of Tennessee. She is grateful for many things, including her father’s mentorship.  “With a father like Jack Faulkner and the challenges and lessons he has shown me, I feel that I can confidently take them on, one at a time.”

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